Sunday, December 28, 2014

Review of Invitation to Biblical Interpretation

This is a book that I wish had been available when I went to Bible college. This text is crafted in such a way as to tie together, most helpfully, the history of interpretation and the practical application of it. The Hermenutical Triad that Kostenberger and Patterson have developed is a very helpful guide to follow. This is a serious study for those who are serious about study, weighing in at over 800 pages.

Each chapter is outlined, and contains study questions, exercises and a bibliography. One of my favorite chapters is chapter 6 where guidelines for interpretation of poetry is discussed. Much discussion and explanation is given for the various forms of parallelism and imagery. One of my other favorite chapters is chapter 9 where parables are discussed. I found the discussion on the Modern Period and it's approach to allegory most helpful.

The Triad of history, literature, and theology may sound simplistic. Assuredly it is not. Chapter 16 “Using the Tools” Will help the student begin to build a library and how to approach the different genres of scripture. Step by step guidelines for exegesis are provided with examples. The Appendex is 21 pages of recommendations for building a biblical studies library.

This work will be useful to the student and scholar alike. Anyone who desires to communicate the message of scripture to others will find this a helpful guide. I am grateful to Kregel Academic for providing me a pdf copy at no charge for an unbiased review.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Giving and Taking Offence

Giving an offense and taking an offense are two different things. Some people are quick to take offense, some are quick to give. Others are quick to do neither.

Sometimes when we take offense we fail to see that the one from whom we took it is unaware that they gave it.

Sometimes we see clearly that they are trying to give offense and we take offense with pleasure, relishing the fight.

If we were smart, when we see that an offense is being offered we would ignore the offer and by doing so live happy peaceful lives.

A real danger lies in giving offense unawares while someone takes it up and keeps it to themselves, for then the offender is unaware that they have made an enemy.