Saturday, November 22, 2008

HIPPA Dilemma

1) As a nursing student I signed an agreement with Griffin Memorial Hospital that once my time there as a student was over, I would not contact any patient there that I had contact with.

2) While there I learned of several patients who have never had any visitation from friends or family during their stay there which has been longer than a year.

3) It would be a violation of federal law (HIPPA) for me to give their names to a compassionate third party willing to visit. Even though I know they are desirous of visitation.

4) My attempts to meet and discuss this with the Executive Director of Griffin have been met with lip service but my phone calls are not being returned.

5) How can it be therapeutic for someone to pass a significant anniversary such as birthdays and holidays without contact from someone significant? Especially when you watch others have visitation.

My suggestion is simple.

Match volunteers from the community who are willing to visit with the mentally ill at Griffin Memorial Hospital.

All that is needed is a couple of forms, a little training, and a heart of compassion.

Form number 1, for the patient.

I would like to be placed on the list for visitation from Oklahoman's With Heart