Wednesday, February 01, 2017

A Quick Look Ahead

The folks at Kregel Academic have been very kind to me over the years. Each year on my birthday they allow me to pick from their catalog of offerings or a very nice coffee cup.

On my last birthday I asked for the title Reordering the Trinity Six Movements of God in the New Testament by Roderick K. Durst. However they sent me by mistake (I assume) Commentary on Romans by Martin Luther, Translated by J. Theodore Mueller. (which I was excited to receive, see below)

When the book arrived in my mail box and I saw it was from Kregel my heart sank. You see I was impatient and while at ETS I purchased the book I had asked for. Now I thought I would have two copies. But I was delighted and excited to see this wonderful digest of Luther's great work. Thank You Kregel!

So looking ahead......

So you know that there will be an upcoming review of Reordering the Trinity. But here is a little teaser about the book. Durst is a professor of historical theology at Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary. In it he looks at the different ways that the New Testament uses the Trinitarian Triad "Father, Son, and Spirit" and the significance of the order they are found in. There are actually six possible forms. Durst has found them all and explores their meaning.

Currently I am reading another very different title from Kregel, Interpreting Apocalyptic Literature An Exegetical Handbook by Richard A. Taylor. I have been very pleasantly surprised by this one. I can't wait to finish it and post my review. Especially since my Pastor Sam Storms is about to begin a new series on the book of Revelation at my church Bridgeway Church. If you would like to follow along you can find the sermons online here.